Building long term relationships

We talk about people, teamwork, and creating community.

We believe that our actions and decisions can contribute to improving our environment. On one hand, we focus our efforts on the social area, which is closely linked to women, and on the other, we ensure that our entire supply chain respects ethical codes aligned with the brand, generating stability and continuity with all our partners.


Together, we believe this is the only way to fight inequalities, confront injustices and improve vulnerable situations that are present today in any part of the planet.

Together and in a positive way, because this collective feeling is what gives us the energy to celebrate charitable causes and create new projects that can make the world a better place. Projects linked to art, music, gastronomy or any other discipline that moves and inspires us.

Together is our solidary project, a creative project where through simple gestures, but with great commitment, our community enjoys contributing and participating in humanitarian initiatives.
Every season our enthusiasm grows and so does our community.


We have been collaborating with the Vicente Ferrer Foundation for more than 12 years, and for us it is a particularly important collaboration as India is a country with which we have a strong bond. An essential part of our collections are manufactured in this country, giving the handcrafted touch so characteristic in the brand's DNA. Through this project we seek to support the most disadvantaged communities in the country.

We are currently participating in two projects with which we feel very identified having contributed with more than €130,000 to date.


This project originated in the midst of the Covid 19 pandemic as a result of the need to get together and share, even if, given the circumstances, it had to be done virtually. In the hardest moments of confinement, we felt that we could contribute something to our community, seeking and communicating creative content that would entertain them and give them energy and optimism. Following that first festival, a movement has been forged that each season collaborates with different women we admire and which raises funds to support various charitable causes. We have collaborated with NGOs such as Doctors without Borders, the Spanish Federation of Food Banks (FESBAL) and the Vicente Ferrer Foundation, and we hope that there will be many more.


We believe in art as a way to express ourselves and as a discipline that improves our daily lives. We believe that through creativity and artworks we generate emotions, reflections and dialogues; and that always enriches us. For this reason, each season we collaborate with female artists with who we share a vision and values to create products whose sales have a charitable purpose. Oceana, Save a Girl, Save a Generation, Red Cross or Aldeas Infantiles are some of the latest NGOs with which we have recently collaborated through this initiative and we are already working so they become many more. 


Women are the core of our mission and are the protagonists of our project. Every day we work for them, this is why on the 8th March we celebrate this day by working, striving to raise funds and support those organizations that fight relentlessly for them, for us. 100% of the day profits are donated each season to an NGO that carries the defense of women's rights in their DNA. 

In 2023, online profits from this day were donated to Fundación Mujeres, which works for equal opportunities between men and women. 


Our mission comes from the firm conviction that through corporate projects we can bring a positive change to the planet at all levels. We celebrate Earth Day as a tribute to our home: on a personal, social and corporate level.

In 2023, online profits from that day were allocated to the (R) Forest Project, which fights for change through reforestation and environmental conservation.


Our partners have a key role in this journey. They all share our vision and we support them to improve year after year.

The relationship with most of our partners has been built over more than 20 years of work. We believe in long-term relationships and in building a team that is part of our project and brand philosophy.

We regularly visit the workshops, which allows us to see first-hand where and how our garments are produced. All of them comply with our ethical code of social and environmental standards and we require regular external audits (SEDEX and BSCI) that ensure the improvement of working conditions and sustainable practices in accordance with the International Labor Organization (ILO) and the United Nations Charter for Human Rights.