Our inspiration this season is based on beauty in its purest and most natural state, placing value on both the noble materials and the processes used, with the ultimate aim of  giving to the collection that rustic and handmade touch. Natural fabrics such as organic cotton, hemp or linen are the true protagonists. We prioritise natural processes bringing a “used” feel to the garments that make them comfortable on the skin. The colour palette combines earthy and warm tones with botanical touches of colour. All three themes are inspired by the natural and artisanal process:



A chromatic range built around the INDIGO colour. In this part of the collection, we  created a casual universe by combining denim and tie dye print.



Floral inspiration for this mood. Nature at 
its finest, inspired by floral pigments with 
colourful prints.
Lighter and vaporous fabrics for this part 
of the collection with Ecovero viscose along 
with our most feminine touch.


Rustic fabrics, yarn dyeing, chambré, hemp, 
organic cotton... noble materials for this 
part of the collection that breathes tradition 
and craftsmanship.
Simplicity, femininity and natural fabrics 
that perfectly define RAW BEAUTY.