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We care a lot about the future of the planet and we like to define ourselves as a conscious brand. We know that the road to sustainability is long and it involves many important changes on many levels, but as with almost everything within our philosophy, we believe in small steps.

Our goal is to become a completely sustainable brand, reason why we work consciously to optimize every process from the design and shipment of our pieces to the sale and customer service we offer. In indi & cold we are accountable for the footprint left behind every action and we are determined to contribute in neutralizing its effects.

We look for durability and quality in our garments, creating garments with superior materials and through a transparent production process which helps all involved. We like the idea of bringing a conscious vision to fashion, slowing down the pace and continuing to work as we have done so far, step by step and with awareness.

Tomorrow’s world is a matter of concern for us. We want to leave the best place possible for our children.

Where we manufacture

Proximity is a form of sustainability. That’s why we try to work increasingly with local suppliers. As of today, around 50% of our production process is based in Europe, mainly in Spain, Italy and Portugal, while we manufacture the rest with partners with whom we've maintained a close relationship for years. Among them, we especially value the artisanal quality of Morocco and India, always together with audited factories.

We seek out small workshops and artisan techniques that have already been lost in our country, but that can add that rustic, artisan touch that is so characteristic of our brand. The relationship with most of our partners has been built over more than 20 years of work. We visit the workshops regularly, several times a year, which allows us to see first-hand where and how our garments are produced.In addition, we see that our suppliers outside of Europe are audited by SEDEX and BSCI (Ethical Trade Audit), which guarantees compliance with not only ethical work standards but also environmental ones.

Our collaboration with the FVF for over twelve years reinforces our connection to India and our gratitude for the added value that its artisanal craft gives to our garments.

Where we manufacture indi & cold

Eco Finish Dye

Traditional dye requires 12 litres of water per kilo of clothing whilst this new system reduces consumption to a single litre per kilo. The use of chemicals and carbon footprint is also halved as less energy is used in heating the water The dye is transported to the fibre through nebulisation, achieving a more sustainable and efficient process.


Ozone Washed Denim

The washes usually used on denim use a great many highly contaminating, corrosive chemicals.

Using an ozone generator, and making use of its oxidising power, we clean the indigo from the denim without the need to use these chemical products.

The environmental impact is considerably reduced, and we achieve a sustainable finish.

Organic Cotton

Organic cotton is grown on land certified free of toxic substances, pesticides, and insecticides. Organic agriculture relies on crop rotation instead of using artificial fertilisers. We use GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified cotton, which verifies and audits that the material used has been produced and processed according to organic cultivation standards and complies with environmental regulations.

Recycled Polyester

Fabric made from recycled fibres (PET or polyester fibres or fabrics). Choosing these fabrics we achieve the same technical performance leaving a better footprint for our environment. Global Recycled Standard or similar certificates.

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Lenzing Ecovero

This is a type of eco-responsible viscose. LENZING™ ECOVERO™ fibres are produced from pulp obtained from renewable wood resources and their manufacturing generates up to 50% less emissions and impact on water resources.