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Social Action

These past two years have been very difficult and complicated years for everyone. Here at indi & cold we have always believed that big changes start with small steps and that is why, now more than ever, we believe it to be important to do our bit for different social and environmental projects to make the world a better place.  

At indi & cold we believe big changes start from small actions.

Acción Social indi & cold fundacion Vicente Ferrer
Vicente Ferrer indi & cold


After 12 years, we continue watching Madhu, Pavan, Dharsan, Akhila and Geetha grow. Children sponsored through the Vicente Ferrer Foundation..

It is a wonderful project in which we have invested 11.700€ and in which we want to be able to continue collaborating for many years thanks to you.

Moreover, since 2011, we continue collaborating with the Vicente Ferrer Foundation on another great project: A worthy home for every family.

A house building program for the most disadvantaged of the Kadiri region in India. The title deeds are put into women’s names, aiming to help them take their rightful place in society.

Las viviendas son escrituradas a nombre de las mujeres con el fin de que ocupen el lugar que les corresponde en la sociedad.

To date, 124.667,40€ have been invested and with that help, 67 homes have been built and a total of 335 people have benefitted from the project.

Get your own piece and collaborate with the Vicente Ferrer Foundation!

Federacion Española banco de alimentos indi&cold


We wanted to support a local project, one connected with childhood, because children are our future and their situations have also been affected by the pandemic.

That’s why, for the FW21 collection we created a sweatshirt with the message “Abrazando nuestro futuro” (Embracing our future) for which all the profits were donated to Aldeas Infantiles. An organisation whose only aim since 1967 is to protect children. Aldeas Infantiles provides a home and family to those children who need it, offering them protection and education for their development. They also provide basic needs such as food and medicine and try to keep families in risk together. 

Realizan una gran labor desde hace años pero la pandemia ha supuesto un punto de inflexión ya que la demanda que reciben cada vez es mayor. 

The T-shirt, on top of being solidary, is also Made in Spain and in organic cotton. Click here to discover our solitary T-shirt!  

Will you help us to help? 

CRUZ ROJA ESPAÑA indi & cold


At indi & cold we care a lot about the future of the planet and the world we’ll leave to our children. Although it has been a very difficult and complicated year we continue working to always improve and be able to contribute, improving every day.

Our main objective is still to minimise environmental impact, by reducing the use of plastic among other things. From small actions in the office such as using glass bottles or cups and thus avoiding disposable plastic in our daily lives, to more complex initiatives like our packaging and the choice of our fabrics. . 

We work every day to improve the manufacturing processes in factories and reducing the environmental impact of the same. In addition, all of us are committed to continuing to work with good quality and low-polluting materials.

This FW21 season we will continue using environmentally friendly materials and processes. That’s why we have once again chosen Eco Finish Dye, Ozone Washed Denim,organic cotton , Lenzing Ecovero and recycled Polyester for our collection.