10th Anniversary with the Vincente Ferrer Foundation

This year is a very special year for us as we celebrate 10 years of sponsoring Madhu, Pavan, Dharsan, Akhila and Gheeta through the Vicente Ferrer Foundation.

Young boys and girls that we have seen grow up and that we’re very excited to introduce you to:


Madhu has just finished school and has begun working in a shoe shop in Bangalore. Although he no longer lives with his family, who work growing peanuts and ragui, he told us that he is happy and really likes his work.
Madhu loves his little brother, Bindu, he adores him and always dedicates a few words to him in the letters he writes to us!


Pavan loves playing cricket and when he finishes school he plays out with his friends. He’s just finished his first year of college with great marks. He’s got two siblings: an older sister and a younger brother and his parents work in the fields growing corn.
Pavan told us they are very happy because thanks to the Vincente Ferrer Foundation, they’ve been given a bike.


Akhila has just stared working at an automotive company in Bangalore. Although her family continue living in her village, and she doesn’t get to see them as much as before, she told us she is very happy because she has IT classes everyday and has made a lot of new friends.


Dharsan is very sporty. He loves playing cricket and cycling. In his last letter he thanked us for our collaboration with the Vincente Ferrer Foundation, him and his friends can go to school by bike. He told us that in the last term he received very good marks.


Geetha has also gone to live in Bangalore but on weekends tries to visit her family and enjoy her free time with them.
In addition, in her last letter she told us that her mum has bought an oven and thanks to that, cooking is much quicker and a lot more delicious.

We get so excited to receive their letters!

Thanks to our contribution, Madhu, Paven, Dharsan, Akhila and Geetha, along with other children in the area, receive training, medical care and can access a savings book for a better future.

Likewise, our small contribution also helps their families participate in social and economic development activities organised by the Vincente Ferrer Foundation and to provide infrastructure and community resources in matters of education, health and social integration.

We have invested 9,540€ in this valuable Project and we hope that it is a lot more thanks to you.

But also, since 2011, we have collaborated with the Vincente Ferrer Foundation on another great project: A worthy home for every family.

A housing construction program for the most disadvantages in the Kadiri region of India, in which the house deeds are put into the names of women for them to occupy their rightful place in society. To date, 104,432.40€ has been invested and thanks to this help, 58 houses have been built and a total of 290 people have benefitted from the program.

At indi & cold we believe that change starts with the small things. Therefore, whenever we can, we will continue contributing to causes that we think are important for people.

If you also want to do your bit, we invite you to take a look at the products designed for the Vincente Ferrer Foundation.