Hello San Sebastian!

Our city never dissappoints and neither do you. These are the tips you have sent us to enjoy San Sebastian in its purest form.

You will see there are tips for all tastes, choose your favourite ideas and plan your trip! See you all here!


- The Igueldo Lighthouse.

- The “Peine del Viento” sculptures by Chillida.

- The “Paseo Nuevo” walk.

- The Miramón Forest.

- The Chillida Leku Museum.

- The Monte Igueldo amusement park.

- The Cristina Enea park.


- Take the boat to Santa Clara island, get lost and end up seeing Hondalea, the installation by artist Cristina Iglesias.

- Ride your bike (electric or not) all over San Sebastian, the “bidegorris” (red lanes) allow you to go from one end to the other without getting off your bike.

- A walk around Urgull first thing in the morning, or before sunset to be able to see the sun hide under the sea once you reach the summit.

- Take a dip in the sea by the “Náutico Club”.

- Discover the “Paseo de la Fé” and its town houses or small palaces.

- Keep an eye on the city from the Aldapeta slope.

- Go paddle surfing around the bay.

- Visit Tabakalera and its exhibitions.

- Go for a picnic by Miramar Palace.

- Go to San Martín or La Bretxa Market first thing in the morning and buy local farmer products.


- Stuffed mussel from the Marisquería de Ondarreta seafood restaurant.

- The spanish omelette from Antonio Bar.

- Croquetas at Xanti bar.

- Michelada and tacos from the Topa.

- Delicious dishes at Chutney.

- Anchovies with spider crab from Txepetxa bar.

- The potato-croquetas and the apple tart from the Bodegón Alejandro.

- Fresh fish on the harbour: Kofradia Itsas-Etxea, La Rampa….

- Dinner at Matalauva.

- Battered hake from Ekaitz.

- A friends reunión at Restaurante 887.

- Zuberoa cheese cake.

- Sushi at Elosta.

- Appetiser at Narru.

- Romantic dinner at Geralds.

- A wine glass at Pokhara pub in Reyes Católicos.

- Artisanal beer at Gross.

- Grab a cold Mucha Kombucha somewhere around Plaza Easo.

- A sunset cocktail at Akelarre.

- A gintonic by the bay at Resaca bar.


- Chocolate buns and the pantxineta from Otaegui.

- Papperino ice creams.

- The sponge cake from Geltoki.

- The brioche from Aguirre.

- La Viña cheesecake.

- Spicy chocolate cookies from Gogoan.

- Errotaundi bakery.

- Mascarpone and red fruit croissant from Luque.

- Pistacchio Txokotne or “Pistachone” as we call it from The Loaf.

- Chocolates at Pariés and Mendaro patisserie.

- The torrija from Ni Neu.

- Matcha tea Old town.

- Toasts from BB Kafe.

- Breakfast at Botanika terrace.

- Cúrcuma latte from Ohbabakoak.

- Barista coffee from Terzi.


- The indi & cold store.

- Beautiful things from Valentina.

- Hunckydorylab perfumery.

- Churruca Shoes.

- Arenzana: all things related to rope and incredible things.

- Irulea baby clothes.

- Furniture and tapestries from Cuerum.

- Pukas surf boards.

-The Librería de Donosti bookstore.

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