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For those that know us, you’re well aware that we’ve always been into the Western style and it’s served as a great source of inspiration. In the FW18 collection, the trend evolves in a more romantic direction with the use of traditional fabrics, adding new volumes and a feminine flair.

The motifs and embroidery transport us to the far West with jackets with lambskin and classic overalls, always with a delicate, artisanal touch.

Today we’d like to tell you about some of the things that inspired us when creating the Romantic Western universe. They make you want to take the leap and experience the far West!

Riding on horseback.

Denim. No matter the garment. It can be a shirt, trousers or a dress. It always looks great and matches everything. Basically, an essential piece for your wardrobe.

A sunset. And even better if it’s in the desert. Because there’s no better combination than pink with reddish earth tones, right?

A cactus. Yes, it can get very tiresome, but we love each and every cactus we see.

A film. Lots of them. Like Thelma & Louise or Brokeback Mountain, for example.

A TV series. Many. Fargo, for example.

Country music. It’s always good. Johnny Cash or early Bob Dylan; on vinyl, live or on a jukebox. Hearing it makes us relax.

Earth or powdery tones. Like the camel colour of this trench coat.