Editor of the digital magazine Style Lovely, mother to 4 children and entrepreneur. As if that weren’t enough, she’s now immersed in the refurbishment of a beautiful house in Cantabria, @casadeindianos. Yes, we can say that Paula Morera is officially superwoman.

What inspires you in life? Lots of things inspire me… Getting up in the morning and seeing what I have around me, my 4 children. Watching the things they do. I’m amazed observing them and each thing they say or do inspires me.
My husband. His way of seeing life. His desire to continue learning every day and trying to teach me everything he learns.
My parents are my greatest source of inspiration. They’re the ones who taught me see things from a different perspective. To keep in mind the beautiful moments in life. To have good judgement. I’m frequently inspired by them. All my childhood, which they gave me, inspires me.
And in the day to day, the people who are around me. The ones that are aligned with me. Those who fill me with their actions, words, looks. Those people who, when you them, have a clean and healthy look.
I’m inspired to give my best. To try to improve myself daily. Convey the best of me, what I want…
Clearly inspiration comes from what we like, what moves and motivates us.

What is StyleLovely for you? Stylelovely.com is a dream come true. A web portal of fashion, beauty and lifestyle. Always closely connected to the world of blogs and influencers. Where little by little we’ve been growing and creating new lines of business within our agency such as branded content, social media, marketing influencers and events.
StyleLovely is a great source of inspiration and with which I have grown both as person and intellectually.

Is it easy being a woman in your world? For me yes, I find it easy being a woman as I’m surrounded by people who value me and treat me with respect. It’s true that we have a much bigger workload than before. We have to assert ourselves in all fields, at work, on a personal level…we give everything 100%, or at least me. I like being a woman ;)

What is your favourite place on the planet? Portugal. I love it. It’s a peaceful place with marvellous beaches. Its people. Its architecture. Its gastronomy. I cant find a single but for this country.

An essential place, plan and restaurant in Madrid. The centre of Madrid. Plaza de Oriente, Palacio Real, Sabatini gardens. Go out with the kids on an electric scooter, have an aperitif in Lhardy and finish in my friend Yuki’s restaurant, Mushashi.

You’re refurbishing a house in Cantabria, Liandres. When did you decide to start this project? Ahh that’s an exciting question. We’re fulfilling a dream. A summer place to spend time with our children, family and friends. We always love being surrounded by our loved ones and we always wanted to have a place to do that. I remember from a young age my summers at the beach, staying at my grandparent’s house. I had a great gang and I maintain those friendships today and I wanted my children to live the same and have the best summers of their lives, just as I did. Suddenly, one day on the way back to Madrid, I found the Casa de los Indianos on Idealista (one of my favourite apps hahaha). It was love at first sight.

Are you more a beach or a pool person? Beach. I can’t live without it. It relaxes me, strengthens me and inspires me. I need to go and see the sea several times a year.

Who is or has been an icon for you? I’m a great fashion lover and I’ve always been inspired by Audrey Hepburn. Her style, her solidarity. I love her.

Your favourite artist? Ooh, I have loads and very varied…Cinema: Harrison Ford, Sean Connery, Bruce Willis, Audrey Hepburn, Jane Birkin…Art: Sorolla, Monet…All the impressionists. Writers: María Dueñas, Carlos Ruiz Safón…Music: honestly, I wouldn’t know what to say definitively. I like pop music. You can see, all very varied.

A book, a song and a film.
A book: The Time in Between
Song: I couldn’t tell you
Film: all the Indiana Jones and 007 films.

And a series? Friends.

What are your wardrobe essentials? Some Good jeans, ballet pumps and a romantic shirt.

Something your bag’s never without? My mobile, car and house keys, wallet and make-up bag.

And in your fridge? Coca Cola Light. I know, it’s terrible.

A key eco tip for looking after the planet? We’re going plastic free. I’m always trying to have fewer plastic things.

A dream to achieve. I honestly think I’ve achieved them all. Although we love to travel and I would love to go to some places I don’t yet know like Africa, Japan, Australia and go back with the children to Burma.

What are you going to do after this interview? Join the children I have here asking me to do things for them.