Wander round the historic centre full of colourful houses leading to the La Grande square where you’ll find the San Ildefonso Cathedral and the Macay Museum of Contemporary Art.

Discover the Hidalgo Park and stop for a drink on the terrace of the Gran Hotel. It’s best to go late in the day as they liven up the evening with live music. Amazing!

Go down the Paseo Montejo and admire the colonial houses that line the street until you reach the Momument a la Patria. If you feel like time travelling and remembering the wonderful 50s, make a stop at the Impala Café.

Leave a big gap in your diary for Casa T'HÓ, here you’ll find boutiques and a marvellous café, all with great taste. A mandatory stop!


Start the walk in the central square. You’ll find the San Servacio church surrounded by lots of artisanal stalls. Attention… foodie tip! Enjoy las marquesitas, a typical cheese crêpe with chocolate. Yes, yes…cheese and chocolate! You have to try it, without a doubt!

Continue down Calzada de los Frailes, the most modern in Valladolid and make a stop in the Perfumería Coqui Coqui. Unmissable! You can also stay here.

If you have a sweet tooth or you fancy a pastry as a snack before dinner, Tresvanbien is very very good ;)

At the Convento San Bernardino at 9pm there is a light and sound show projected onto the façade.

For a typical Mexican lunch or dinner:

- El jardín de los frailes
- El atrío del Mayab
- El mesón del marqués

And don't forget to go for a dip in the Suytun natural well, it's beautiful!


Yes, it’s very fashionable! But it’s a real paradise. Most of all, it’s natural!

If you like scuba diving, the best is to find a local with a boat who can take you to see the world’s second biggest coral reef. You’ll swim among a thousand and one colourful fish, manta rays, turtles…

You also must see at least one sunset from the Papaya Hotel.

Do you like yoga? And is breakfast your favourite meal of the day? Take note of this hotel: Holistika. It’s the home of yoga in Tulum and they offer daily classes. And what’s better than enjoying a good breakfast after finishing up. Try the chocolate and banana milkshake, you’ll want it every day!

Hungry? You can’t leave without trying the tacos at the Hotel Azulik restaurant.

And why not go enjoy El Gitano. It’s rewarding to get to know people who live there.

Finally, if you can, escape to Bacalar. Enjoy a boat ride around the lake of seven colours and reserve a table at La playita.


It’s made up of a beach in the middle of the sea and you can walk to Punta Mosquito. It’s an incredible walk in the middle of the sea where you can see beautiful marine creatures including starfish! Important: Don’t take them out of the water because they die straight away if they’re outside their environment, did you know?

Casa Mech is an ideal spot to stay.

Where to eat?

Antojitos El Abuelo Tom. Homemade and delicious spot. One of those you’ll go back to ;)

Roots Fancy trying a lobster pizza?

Restaurante Básico and Painapol. Ideal for breakfast.

At night, you’ll always find live music at The Hot Corner, shall we dance?