We often travel far and wide to find paradise. You know— loads of paperwork, vaccines, thousands of kilometres and never ending hours on a plane. Not to mention the jetlag! But it turns out that you can find paradise close by, for instance Menorca. An ideal spot to rest, disconnect and enjoy nature. The perfect island to experience the Mediterranean lifestyle... and right next door, to boot!

Mahón, the capital, is the first Spanish city to see the sunrise, and clearly, the first to enjoy it´s warm sunsets. Reason why, we believe the whole island is bathed in a special light.

The villages of Es Mercadal and Es Migjorn, although small and inland, are very, very charming. On the coast, we liked Fornells and Ciudadela. But perhaps Binibèquer is what most inspired us with beautiful nooks to photograph some of our pieces.

Choosing one cove is quite difficult, actually. Each one has something special, and there are so many it would take many getaways to visit them all. Our favourites (for now) are Cala Morell, Algaiarens and Tirant in the North and Cala Mitjana, Mitjaneta, Macarella, Macarelleta and Turqueta in the South.

Diving goggles are a must to bring if you don´t want to miss the natural enclosures and biodiversity of Menorca´s natural aquariums; starfish, octopus, turtles, rays and tons of other fish species flourish all around.

A great plan is to hire a boat and explore the coves from the sea, which we did in our own style. We hired a canoe at Playa des Grau beach and set out to discover the bays of Colom Island.

The paths leading to the coves are known as camí dels cavalls (horse paths) and can also be ridden on horseback, as we did. This special activity was made possible by Sa Cova, a horse shelter taking in horses which have been rejected from the competition world, whether it be due to their old age or skills.

Depending on where you stay or what you plan to do, there are tons of wonderful places to have lunch, dinner, or a drink. These are some of our recommendations, but there are many more.

In Ciudadela, La Margarete with a pleasant garden, ideal for having a drink before or after dinner.

We love Sa Llagosta, in Fornells. The Caldereta de Langosta (lobster stew) was absolutely delicious.

In the South, in Sant Lluis, we loved La Caraba. You can have a great meal while sitting in a charming patio.

Finally, although Cova den Xoroi is very popular, it’s worth a visit. It’s found in a cave on a cliff, a beautiful space to have a drink and enjoy the sunset.