What inspires you in life? Well, if I’m really honest everything and nothing. In other words, when it comes to making a collage I’m inspired by what I have at my disposal at the time, the resources I have.
The work evolves in itself. When it’s a collage for someone, the brand or the person themselves inspire me. I also consume a lot of information, photos and other things but it never goes that far. Sometimes small elements or pieces of these pictures shape what I’m going to create later but I never know until the moment comes. I’ve got folders and folders full of pictures on my computer but I never know when or if I’ll use them and the same happens with the thousands of magazine clippings I have. It depends a lot on the process at the moment.
I like the freedom to make something without the restrictions of other styles. In that moment, it’s freedom and imagination that call the shots.
In contrast there’s many things that inspire me in life…I’m not sure if the word is inspire but a lot of things awaken or move something in me. From the most to the least mundane. Actually, I think it’s in the beauty of the days and what makes them less monotonous. It could be a street, a part of a song, a nice gesture from someone, passing a nice light, a distinctive picture or something I do with Brutis, the possibilities are endless!

When and how did you start creating collages? The truth is that my history with collage is a long one. Especially where paper and photos are concerned.
From a very young age (like 12 or 13) I covered my journals and diaries with quite elaborate photo compositions, and inside I stuck loads of things from photos to concert tickets to magazine clippings…whatever there was! In my 2 bedrooms (my mum’s house and my dad’s) I always had an entire mosaic style wall and I did that in my friend’s rooms too and I continued doing it when I moved to New York when I was 19. Later I started with digital collage and painting photos when I got an Ipad Pro for my 25th birthday with the pen. Honestly, doing it professionally just happened by chance. I had posted a few on IG and a friend of mine who worked in Telva (seems a lie but it wasn’t because of my mum) commissioned several for an edition of Telva Novias, over time I began to make them monthly for Telva, a collage and an illustrated photo. When I began to share them, less than a year ago, everything else began to arrive and I’m so happy and grateful.

Is it easy being a woman in your world? The truth is that there have been some difficult points but I feel super lucky to be a woman. I think that we are very powerful and a lot of the time, or at least in my case, our worst enemy can be ourselves and our insecurity. I’ve grown up with and am surrounded by women that I greatly admire, my mum and my friends are super heroines to me and very, very womanly, I’ve also been cared for and supported by wonderful men like my dad and he’s always instilled in me that I have infinite possibilities. I think there’s a lot of work to be done because I know that a lot of women haven’t had these circumstances and I sympathise a lot with them. I do believe a lot in the value of the feminine (in the oldest sense of the word) and I’m against some discussions that look for positive discrimination. We are valid and strong, we deserve the same opportunities as any man but I don’t think we have to rule out that which makes us different. Although it sounds cliché, the types of women who inspire me are those who don’t allow themselves to be conditioned by social stigma, such as Coco Chanel. Nowadays, I feel like there is some confusion when it comes to dealing with these matters that only cause conflicts.

What is your favourite place on the planet? Without a doubt Campelo beach at Ferrol.

A place, a plan and an unmissable restaurant in Madrid.
A place: My house
A plan: Lose myself wandering the streets in spring or September and end up having a wine in a little corner somewhere.
A restaurant: This is very complicated as I love eating and I like loads of places, but I would say El Viajero after a morning wandering the Rastro and La Latina and Casa Macareno, easy and classic, both have owners that I adore which is always a bonus.

Are you more a beach or a pool person? Always beach.

Who is or has been an icon for you? My grandma, Mercedes.

A book, a song and a film.
To respond to these questions with just one seems super difficult to me hahah

Book: "The flowers of evil" by Baudelaire, "Just Kids" by Patti Smith, "Silk" by Alessandro Baricco, "Ten (possible) reasons for the sadness of thought" by George Steiner (essay) and "Love in the time of cholera" by Gabriel García Márquez amongst many others. A book that’s the most random in the world but that always makes me laugh is "If you knew I’d never been to London you’d come back from Tokyo" by María Sirvent that I got hold of by chance. As you can see, I’m quite heavy-going on these things.

Song: So difficult! Music is my favourite thing in the world so I could tell you thousands. But maybe the most special; "In to my arms" by Nick Cave, "Cherish the day" by Sade and as a life lesson "You can’t always get what you want" by The Rolling Stones. I’m a Spanish music super fan so I can’t not say "Las ventanas se encienden" by Mucho or "Por si apareces" by Alice Wonder for current music. Of course always the delicacy and sensitivity of Antonio Vega and any song by La Unión, my dad’s band.

Film: I wouldn’t know, but two that impressed me a lot as a child were "Mulan" and "Almost Famous" which I saw when I was 12 years old in Galicia secretly and I think it changed my life. I watch them now and I still love them.

And a series? I’m the least cool person in the world where series and films are concerned but if I’m honest, I would have to say "Sex and the City", "Gossip Girl" and "Friends". They’re undoubtedly the ones I’ve seen the most.

What are your wardrobe essentials? Basics, always. A good pair of jeans, white, black and grey t-shirt, a masculine white shirt, masculine peg leg trousers and a good blazer.

Something never missing from your bag? I’m quite forgetful so there’s always something missing.

Your favourite artist? I’m too indecisive to say one and I don’t even think I have a favourite, I love to contemplate the talent of others.

Your favourite work of art? I like thousands but Water Lilies by Monet, which are in L’orangerie in Paris, have a special place in my heart.

In your fridge there’s always… In summer, gazpacho or vichyssoise and in winter, vegetable soups or broths. And okay, white wine :)

A key eco tip for looking after the planet? I think that civility is super important in general and being conscious of the imprint we’re leaving on the planet. It’s the small, everyday actions that make a difference.

A dream to achieve. I would love to do so many things and get better at so many others that it’s difficult to choose. But maybe what I’d like to do most is overcome my fears and insecurities and throw myself into publishing what I write, which is, in reality, what I’ve studied and done most of in my life.

What are you going to do when we finish this interview? Get on with my orders!