What inspires you in life? Life itself and everything it creates: nature, the light at sunset, listening to the birds sing, travelling, reading…

What is Less & Conscious to you? When and how did it begin? Less & Conscious is a platform that showcases projects and brands looking to do things differently for the planet. A project that seeks to help people lead a more conscious and minimalist lifestyle in order to find happiness.
It emerged in the middle of lockdown, in May 2020, from the necessity that we saw to find sustainable brands and to create a community looking to live consciously in the present.

What is your favourite place on the planet? Ahh that’s difficult, I would say anywhere in the world in the company of my beloved ones. However Bali and Majorca have a special place in my heart.

A place, a plan and an unmissable restaurant in Madrid.
A place, probably walking in the field behind my house, there’s not many people around this time of the year and it’s marvellous when it starts to blossom. A plan would be to have a picnic anywhere surrounded by nature in the Madrid mountains in spring (if there’s a river nearby better, I love dipping my feet in). And a restaurant, it’s more of a café but the food and cakes at La Colectiva, are a must!

Are you more a beach or a pool person? Beach for sure, is there really anything better than standing on the shore and feeling the water lap over your feet?

Who is or has been an icon for you? Definitely my parents, they lead by example in everything, I love them. They’re fighters, impassioned and love life. I think all my “greatest passions” come from them.

A book, a song and a film.
Book: You can heal your life by Louise Hay
Song: Bonito by Jarabe de Palo.
Película: Eat pray love

And a series? This is us.

Your favourite artist? Natalia Vico or Eguzkine.

What are your wardrobe essentials? Jeans, a basic white t-shirt, a camel cardigan and some vegan sneakers.

Something never missing from your bag? Right now hand sanitiser haha but I’d say a Melpom notebook (they’re my favourite).

In your fridge there’s always… Fruit and vegetables.

Any key tip for taking care of the planet? Think about the consequences of the decisions you make at each moment of the day before acting.

A dream to achieve. To be able to help lots of people understand that a simpler lifestyle is the key of being happier. And that life is a genuine gift.

What are you going to do when you finish this interview? Continue working hahah at the moment, it’s what takes up about 90% of my time, which makes me feel very lucky and happy. Although afterwards I’m going out for dinner with friends, not everything is about work!