Are you like mother, like daughter?
Cris: Well, not really... hahaha I think it's more like father and daughter in our case! We share common passions and the most creative and artistic side, but in terms of character we are very different.

Pati: Not at all! Physically we don't look alike, I've always been told I look like my father. However, we share the same tastes and we have always had a great complicity. When I was little I used to say she was my best friend, we could spend hours playing Barbies by ourselves and we couldn't get enough. We loved sewing custom clothes for the dolls and decorating their homes. In fact, I still have the dollhouse and hope to do the same with my own daughter one day.
Today we have left the dolls behind, but we still find projects to share together.

What inspires you from each other? Is there anything you can’t stand?
Cris: What I like most about Pati is her wonderful character. She is always in a good mood, it's hard to see her angry. When she was little and not so little, you would reprimand her severely and in half an hour her anger would disappear, she would hug you, ask for forgiveness and it was as if nothing had happened. Let's say that this comes with what we familiarly call "con la calma" ... she doesn't get angry, she takes her time, for everything ... sometimes way too much time hahaha and that for an executive temperament like her mother's, this can be difficult to reconcile.

Pati: If you were to ask me which woman has inspired me the most in my life, I would definitely say her. She is a very persistent and hardworking person, when she wants something she doesn't stop until she gets it.
This is reflected in her role at Indi, it's something that fulfils her and she puts in a lot of hours, sometimes too much. If I had to say something I can't stand about my mother, it's that she's terribly demanding of herself, even though I'm always there to bring some serenity.
I'm sure about what my mother answered to what she can't stand about me, haha. One of her favourite phrases is "Pati eres una feliciana". It's a compliment, but sometimes it can make her mad.

Do you talk every day? Do you prefer to chat by call or message?
Cris: We prefer Facetime. Not every day, once or twice a week, but when we talk we can spend an hour chatting, we go over everything worthwhile: plans for last weekend or next weekend, various gossip, campus menus (mum, I miss back home fish...), restaurants (in our family everything is about food, it has a chapter of its own), looks (every time she talks to me she gets dressed and we have to comment on her outfit).
As far as phone conversations are concerned, I think the generational factor plays a role. Normally, when I call her, I sit on the couch and talk to my daughter and, at most, during the conversation I can get up and have a cup of tea, but every time she calls you, she is always doing something, getting out of the shower, drying her hair, getting dressed, putting on make-up, tidying up her wardrobe... Normally, during the conversation, we are joined by friends who come in and out of her room... In short, conversations with Pati are never boring!

Pati: Now that I live in Madrid and especially with the pandemic, it has become more difficult for us to see each other often. Nevertheless, we always find time to meet face to face and catch up. Our conversations can last for hours and she even taught me how to cook via video call during our lockdown!!!
Thanks to Instagram, we also tend to send each other posts on topics that inspire us or projects for our to-do list.

Pati, do you take things from Cris' wardrobe?
Cris: This question is very funny because I spent my life complaining that my daughter didn't show the slightest interest in our clothes, trying to convince her to wear something from our house which was impossible... but my punishment came. Now every time she comes home I have to hide what I really care about because she "steals" everything and the worst thing is that when she goes back to Madrid she puts it straight into her suitcase!

Pati: This is one of the sources of conflict between us. All her life she has complained about my clothes and encouraged me to wear more of Indi's clothes, but now that I like them, she gets angry because I steal things from her wardrobe. The truth is that I usually use the following strategy: I go home, take a half-empty suitcase, loot her wardrobe and return to Madrid with a full suitcase haha. (I love you mum).

Is Cris an annoying mother?
Cris: I would say no, not at all, but I'm afraid we don't agree on that answer.

Pati: If you asked the 10 year old Pati who only wanted to wear fuchsia glitter trainers and she refused, she would say yes hahaha.
But now, at 20, I'm grateful and consult her for absolutely all my outfits. Anyway, she was never a particularly difficult mother and we always had a lot of trust and I was able to tell her everything right away.

What is your favourite thing to do together? Cris: We like to travel together, just the two of us. We like the same things: a charming little hotel, wandering the streets and discovering hidden thrift shops full of treasures, a flea market, an Italian restaurant with excellent pasta, an exhibition, a play, getting lost with the map and dying of laughter because we've been around the same block seven times and it just doesn't matter!
Also, last year COVID got in the way of our trip to Marrakech and we put it on the to-do list. But we will get back at them! I think we’ll agree with this answer... hahahaha

Pati: The truth is that we enjoy many things, whether it's a trip, an exhibition or a Sunday romantic comedy marathon. We're both passionate about fashion and decorating and can spend hours in the same shop annoying all family men, so there are trips we both choose to go on by ourselves.

After this little test and judging by the number of coincidences, it would seem that they are indeed "LIKE MOTHER LIKE DAUGHTER".