Have we already mentioned that we love travelling? Yes, a thousand times! Here at indi & cold we are nomad by nature (even if we never close down for the holidays). And yes, we love travelling but we also really love to discover new places.

This time, we have mentally travelled far, far away. In fact, to the other side of the world. No kidding! Our destination: Bondi Beach, Australia. And we were captivated! The turquoise colour of the water, the reflections of the summer sun, surfing and surfers...

Here we show you a paradise and the happy list of our colleague, Tatán. We'd love to go!

In Bondi, people like an early start, to make the most of each day. The locals get up at the crack of dawn, put on sports clothes and go for a walk on the beach. All very healthy. After that, they have coffee with friends, enjoy the sun, go for a swim or do a bit of surfing before having breakfast.

Everything seems to revolve around coffee. Therefore, there are lots of nice places where you can enjoy its aroma and flavour:

Vue Bar With a spectacular terrace from where you can spend hours looking at the beach. And this look is perfect for this plan!

Le Paris Go Cafe There is always a bit of Paris in any place you go. It's located in the heart of Hall St, Bondi's main street. Don’t be surprised if you end up enjoying a fantastic brunch even if you had just planned to drink coffee.

And for true coffee lovers, the best place is Swell

Breakfast is very popular because it's the ideal time of the day to spend with friends and having brunch is always a great option. You won't find a menu that does not include avocado on toast and poached eggs. Delicious! The essentials for this plan:

Preach café

Vida Surf


Tatán told us that strolling along the Coastal Walk, admiring the sunset at Ben Buckler and enjoying the best views of the town from Dover Heights, are all musts. What do you think of this look for a visit in town? And if your plan includes indulging in an ice cream from Messina, even better!

Her favourite restaurants are:


Bondi Hardware

Raw bar

Lox Stock & Barrel

And we cannot think of a better way to end the day than enjoying a nice drink and listening to live music in any local club...

Ravesis Hotel

The Bucket List