Don’t miss this getaway, guided first hand by two visionary women, photographer Inma & model Alba. We’re discovering the nooks and crannies and the best tips, just take a seat and let your imagination fly:

A few weeks ago, we were lucky enough to spend 10 days in Fuerteventura. We went for work but had some time to enjoy the amazing sites the windy isle has to offer. We stayed in Corralejo, in a beautiful house, but the most surprising part of this area is its sand dunes, an enormous desert whose final surprise is the Atlantic. Of course, as is the case on the whole island, you must protect yourself from the wind. We loved having breakfast in Mercadocanarias, a café which has the best juices, smoothies, and great toasties.

Close to Corralejo, we visited El Cotillo, an especially charming little village. We fell in love with its crystal-clear coves which continue one after another along an enthralling path, until you suddenly arrive at some natural pools, surrounded by volcanic rock. Before reaching the lighthouse, where this beautiful walk begins, we found two houses that we totally fell in love with and as you can see in the photos, they make this area a truly unique place. Right over the road we were able to eat fresh pasta in Azzurro with sea view which I still have savoured on my palate.

In El Cotillo we also found a shop that we completely fell in love with, Lapa Studio, a small multi-brand boutique opened by four girls who arrived in Fuerteventura a few years ago and decided to stay. A little corner that’s worth visiting, as well as brands from the island and even Portugal, you can find illustrations by Bili Puig de la Bellacasa or canvases by Greta Chicheri, two of its founders.

Heading south, we were dying of curiosity and decided to visit Villa Winter, in Cofete. Built in 1946 by Gustav Winter, and surrounded by tales and legends about its foundations. They say that it could have served as a home for a high German dignitary who fled after World War II, they say that it could have even been Hitler’s hiding place. But we already know you can’t rely too much on word-of-mouth tales.

Talking of special buildings, another house we were dying to see was Casa Jable, a private villa with the option to rent. The photos speak for themselves.

Continuing through south, it’s a must to stop for lunch at Mirador de Sotavento. A typical Canarian food restaurant. Our favourites: grilled cheese, potatoes with green mojo and limpets. All that with views no one can fail to be moved by, it’s a true island delight. And you can’t miss the beach at Sotavento, one of the longest on the Costa Calma. With the odd characteristic of its sandbanks in the sea making of it a peculiar spot.

Honestly, we could go on forever. Fuerteventura is an island brimming with charm and amazing places, with its very own Route 66 and landscapes that leave you speechless. I would love to return very soon and continue discovering special places like the Arco de las Peñitas, a pending trip!