What inspires you in life? Nature inspires me, I need it in my life, my children, and their genuine point of view, reading a good book and getting rid of all the surrounding noise. A moment of silence, looking up at the sky or taking a walk, these are my greatest sources of inspiration, those moments are when I truly create.

What does nutrition mean to you? A passion. I am passionate about the power it has to help people live healthier and happier lives, even to fulfil their dreams. I am also fascinated by how such a rigorous science is part of our daily lives in such an unavoidable way.

Is it easy to be a woman in your world? I love being a woman, being surrounded by women every day, learning from them. I guess it is easy and difficult to be a person in general. Life throws challenges at us, and we have the choice to become something small or angry, or to evolve and become stronger with a message to convey even further.

A place where you are happy Near my house there is a path surrounded by trees, that is my refuge. My place for creation. Before getting to work, every morning I like to go there early and put my tasks in order. I have created most of my courses there, and even my talks, long before even writing my book and having the proposal, on that path I wrote the dedication and the acknowledgements.

An essential place, plan and restaurant in Madrid.
The “Paseo de Curtidores” stroll and its antique shops, treasure hunting and lunch at the Taquería del Alamillo.

Pool or beach type of person? I love the beach.

Who is or has been an icon to you?  I love Vanesa Lorenzo, her books and lifestyle.

In your fridge there is always… Colourful vegetables and fruits, cheeses and ginger kombucha.

A snack recipe to take to the office: Raspberries and pumpkin seeds.

Any eco tips on how to take care of the planet? Don't keep unhealthy “just-in-case” food in your pantry.

A book, a song and a film:
A book: Mamá Slow.
A song, Sick in the head by The Luminners
A film, On the Basis of Sex

What about a TV-series? A patient recommended Outlander and I am loving it.

Something that is never missing in your bag? A pen. Since I became a writer I always carry one with me ;)

What are your wardrobe essentials? Flower dresses, knitted cardigans and my wellies.

A dream to achieve. I have a lot of dreams, both personal and work-related. I like to dream and I manage to find time just to do it, for example before I go to sleep. Everything I am now came from a dream, so I take good care of them.

What are you going to do when the interview is over?
Finishing the nutritional plan of one of my patients and going to pick up my little ones, I can't wait to kiss them all over.