Vietnam is no place for cars, so take a bike and start pedalling.

This is what two of our most traveller colleagues tell us. Irati and Miriam have given us these tips from this amazing country. Let’s start off on the trip!

Routes we recommend? If you’re in the south, don’t miss the city of Hoi An. It’s one of the most romantic cities in Vietnam. During the day you can enjoy its colourful streets and the traditional cuisine. Hoi An is known for its cuisine; why don’t you immerse yourself and take a traditional cooking class? We recommend taking a stroll along the river bank where you’ll have lots of options. A nice memento from the city? Hand-made oriental sketches by local artists on rice paper. Nguyen has won us over.

Bikes can be rented at any point in the city at a very good price. It’s worth getting lost in its colourful streets. Another option is to go to Cam An beach, where you can enjoy the marvellous sunsets.

Another feature of Vietnam are its landscapes. We recommend at least two days to discover Ha-Long Bay and Cat Ba. Essentials on this route? Take a fishing boat to đảo Cát Dứa (Monkey Island) where you can hike and enjoy the incredible views. If you like water sports, we recommend a kayak trip or diving/snorkelling, if you’re up for it.

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Following along on the route, Tam Coc is a must-see. The most surprising thing about this mountainous landscape is its green hue, as it’s surrounded by rice paddies. The best way to enjoy it is by bike or a canoe trip down the river.

And we’ll wrap up the adventure with the chaotic, yet magical, Hanoi. Stroll to the train tracks, located in the middle of the city among local houses. The train only passes by two times per day; the rest of the time it’s just another street where people walk and children play. Charge your batteries in the Railway Station Cafe and enjoy its traditional Egg Coffee.

The train reaches the Long Bien bridge, one of Gustave Eiffel’s creations. You can’t leave Hanoi without visiting its charming old town, with its small bustling streets full of colour and chaos (watch the traffic!).