Braga, a city for the old souls

We love travelling, but given the circumstances, as it's not possible to travel right now, we've asked Cátia of @booksturnyouon to discover her city, Braga, for us so we can enjoy it even from afar.

We don't know the city, but from what Cátia has told us, it's now on our list of future trips.

Do you fancy a Portugese getaway?

Lately, Braga has modernized itself but my favourite thing about the city is its clear reflection of our past. Through that ancient side, Braga becomes authentic and more alive than ever. I love the old cafés and the old buildings. I still discover colourful tiles that went unnoticed or a small antique shop where I am greeted by a kind owner. While I walk the city, wearing my pastel indi & cold outfit, the cold breeze touches my face and I feel home.

The centre:

I spend most of my days in the centre. That’s where I live but also where I love to shop, eat dinner or have a drink with friends. On regular Saturdays (not the pandemic ones!!), I leave my house and buy fresh bread and flowers two streets down. After shooting content for my Istagram profile, Booksturnyouon in the streets, I usually go shopping. The decor/fashion store, Margarida Clara has a gorgeous indi & cold selection but also the most unique home items. And, let’s not forget the bookshops! My absolute favourite is Livraria Centésima Página where you can lose yourself in books and grab a quick bite at the café. At night, the centre offers a great variety of places to eat and drink. In my case, I always go for the bohemian ones where old wood sets the tone and rock entices the clients like Mal Amado or Pelle.

Bom Jesus do Monte:

Bom Jesus do Monte is a sanctuary situated on a hill and every time I go there, I feel lucky that this gorgeous place is located in Braga. There’s a beautiful Baroque stairway and on the top you will find an old-school café, a huge church and a picturesque park with a river and small wood boats. But my favourite thing about this place is the elevator/funicular that connects the lower part of the mountain to the Sanctuary. This is the first funicular built in the Iberian Peninsula and it is currently the oldest in the world functioning and using the water balance system.

My house:

In this period we find ourselves spending so much time at home. Naturally, it’s one of my favourite places in Braga. It’s where I relax but also where I create and write. My upcoming debut novel was written here which makes this space even more crucial to me, it’s coming out this Spring! Mark your calendar! :) It’s also where I have my personal library that I have been proudly building over the years. My house is still a work in progress because I moved at the end of August but, besides books, wood, candles and dried flowers dominate my space.


- Retrokitchen
- Cozinha da Sé
- Ai o Alho


- Livraria Centésima Página
- Bertrand
- Angels Formula


- Nórdico Coffee Shop
- A Brasileira
- Pelle


- Margarida Clara
- Bloom
- O Feitiço do Tempo