What inspires you in life? Unlikely things. To think that things don’t have to happen as they are expected to and allow that to surprise you. To accept that uncertainty in life allows you to go outside everyday routine at any moment and enjoy small things.

What does cooking mean to you? Since I was a little girl it has been about sharing with my family: go grocery shopping, cooking together and enjoying a good meal as well as after-dinner conversation…

Nowadays I prefer the term “gastronomy”, it encompasses all the relationships that are established around food and it’s more specific when we talk about what I do.

Is it easy being a woman in your world?
It is still difficult, even more so if you are young. The worst of it is that we still need to label everything to make it better like “the best woman…” or “newcomer…” Maybe at some point it was necessary, but now I believe we must go beyond that (I still ask myself what it means to be young in a professional environment for example).

A place that makes you happy

A place, a plan and a restaurant in Sevilla.
Place: The Maria Luisa Park, to get lost in.
Plan: To go to the Lope de Vega Theatre with my mum.
Restaurant: Tradevo.

Are you a beach or a swimming-pool type of person?

Who has always been an icon for you? My father

Your favourite artist? Jessica Lorigo, from the Geralds in San Sebastián. Everything she cooks is delicious.

A book, a song and a film.
Book: “The forgetfullness we will be” by Héctor Abad
Song: “Suzanne” by Leonard Cohen
Film: “Les choristes” by Christophe Barratier

A TV series? Downton Abbey.

What are your wardrobe essentials? Cosy jumpers for winter and flowy dresses for summer.

Something never missing from your bag? I would ask “what do I never forget to bring?” For sure I suffer if I leave my moisturiser behind in winter, and my sunglasses in summer.

In your fridge there’s always… Real butter

Any key tip for taking care of the planet? Buy local and seasonal foods. Sometimes we don’t understand the cost of things, but to buy cheap usually comes at a high price for our health and the planet’s. Nowadays we prefer to invest in leisure and technology, but we forget what is really important (even me).

A dream to achieve. To start my own project… I am still trying to shape it.

What are you going to do when you finish this interview? I am going to have my brother @ignaciodelnoval's toasted bread for breakfast, with butter and salt.