Entrepreneur, creative, photographer, mother… When talking about Bea Gaspar many words come to mind, and the creator of the blog Con botas de Agua cannot be defined by just one. She is one of the most complete and interesting women that we have come across recently.

We discovered her a long time ago, but we were lucky enough to meet her at the photoshoot for our Zubi for indi & cold collaboration and we realised that Bea is, entirely, an inspiration.

She prefers being on the other side of the camera but this time she made an exception for our interview and although she says she’s a terrible poser, her husband has taken some pictures in which she is very, very beautiful.

What inspires you in life? My daughters, how could it be any other way? They inspire me in every way and make me want to improve every day.

When and how did you decide to undertake this venture? The blog, Con botas de agua, started when I had my first daughter, Martina, now more than 8 years ago. Her and the blog led me to want to take ever better photos. I had studied photography, but I’d never found THE motive that really moved me photographically speaking, but I found it when she arrived.

Tell us, what is Hello Creatividad? It’s another venture I took on when Lola was born, in 2013, with my two business partners, Mar and Maria, looking to let go of our concerns and looking for a job that would give us more flexibility and be able to spend more time with our children.
Hello! Creatividad is an online course platform aimed at propelling our creativity from different fields. As working mothers, we lacked time to continue studying face-to-face and we found in online study a way to continue learning.
Our best-known courses are those of photography, we rely on a lot of very good teachers, recognised in their area, but we also have courses related to digital marketing, illustration, design and creativity in general…
Our differentiating factor is the proximity, we wanted courses in which the teachers were generous in sharing their knowledge. We are interested in their personal experiences, their advice, their look, their point of view, their “savoire faire”. We like that the people studying our courses feel like there is another person on the other side of the screen that’s sharing their knowledge and passion.
The best thing is that Hello! Creatividad is now so much more than online courses, we've created a beautiful community with many things in common and a lot offer.

Is it easy being a woman in your world? I don’t know if it’s so much being a woman, but being a mother. I’ve haven’t had any difficulties being a woman in the “entrepreneurial” world. We have always sought life alone and we haven’t found specific obstacles being women, but quite the opposite. We are surrounded by an incredible group of business women who support us a lot and the people we follow and our clients are around 90% women, so actually I believe being women has helped us.
However, as a mother it is true that everything is a little more complicated, and that is what led us, in a certain way, to go it alone. And although it is true there’s never enough time to develop all the things I would like to, I can’t complain. I have a business, flexibility and time to be with my daughters and I feel lucky. For me, it’s a question of balance.

What is your favourite place on the planet? I know this is going to sound cheesy, but anywhere I am with them.

Are you more of a beach or a pool person? Beach at dusk to be more exact.

Who is or has been an icon for you? The truth is that I don’t have many icons, but if I have a figure who has been and is very important for me, it’s my mum. She’s my greatest model.

Your favourite artist? Anyone who makes me feel something, that moves me, makes me dance or cry.

A book, a song and a film. A song; (Sittin’ on) The Dock of the Bay or many others by Otis Redding, and then Robert Redford and Barbara Streisand and Little Women.

And a series?
Well, I’ll tell you the two I’m currently watching: This is us to watch alone and Vikings with my husband.

What are your wardrobe essentials? Jeans, t-shirts, a good wool jumper and trainers.

Something your bag is never without. Credit card, keys, mobile and chewing gum.

And in your fridge? Tomatoes, I’m crazy about tomatoes.

Any great eco tip to look after the planet? At home we’re continue working on the plastics matter. We carry canvas bags for fruit and vegetables in the supermarkets and we buy all our dried foods like nuts, seeds, oats and beans loose. We try as much as possible to not buy plastic packaged food. We’re taking small steps, but I see that we’re making progress at home and this is what matters, that they take on board all the changes we make.

A dream to achieve. To live abroad with my family. It’s something that I’ve always wanted to try...

What are you going to do when we finish this interview? Go to sleep :D