She represents the Parisian essence. She’s a pianist, a French teacher, a painter, a model…In short, she has that je ne sais quoi that is everything and why, of course, we love her! Anaïs has a charming personality, one which gets you hooked and creates intrigue. That’s why we wanted to get to know her more and better.

Check her out, you will love her!

What inspires you in life? I’m very impressionable and I find inspiration almost everywhere. Literature and music are my main sources of inspiration. I can easily identify with a character in a book and try to see the world though their eyes. As for fashion, I love exploring trends and I’m a regular at the new collections of the big brands. Sometimes I also ask people on the street where they got their clothes from.

Pianist, French teacher, painter… How did you acquire so much creativity and sensitivity? I was drawn to music, books and drawing from the start. Music most of all. Whatever it is, it’s always been a priority in my life. I need music above all else. I even prefer a bad song to no music at all. Music, as with literature, are for me, ways of awakening profound and complex emotions.

Is it easy being a woman in your world? Fashion and teaching are fields in which it is maybe easier to be a woman than in others. These fields participate in the evolution of traditions. But I say “maybe” because I’m speaking from my own experience and I don’t really trust generalisations. Personally, I dress how I want, based on what inspires me, without having to put up with comments about how I look. Fashion allows for transgression from the rules. That’s what I like about it.

What’s your favourite place on the planet? I’m not going to be very original… but you live very well in Paris :) But if I had to leave Paris, I would choose la dolce vita of Tuscany.

A place, a plan and an unmissable restaurant in Paris. It’s hard to choose just one! I love to get lost in bookshops. I adore the Compagnon bookshop for literature and Ofr for art and fashion photography. As far as food goes, brunch at Klay is epic! I like good coffee so I spend a lot of time at Hoxton and Matamata. I also have a weakness for Cevicheria and Les petits plats de Marc, a micro restaurant with a mini menu which changes daily, where they prepare healthy food and make you fall in love with cooking. To check out antiques Emmaus, Kiliwatch, Episode and the unmissable flea market at Saint Ouen, of course!

Are you more a beach or a mountain person? Mountain! I spend half the year on top of the gigantic Mont Blanc. Mountains offer such an enormously rich landscape! It’s also the ideal place to escape from society for a bit, walk, read, knit together by the fire and go foraging (Chanterelle mushrooms, wild strawberries, blueberries and raspberries… Yum!)

Who is or has been an icon for you? I’m inspired by a lot of people. I find it difficult to recognise myself in only one of them. I adore the veterans of the city, Nina Simone, Joan Baez, Bob Dylan, Janis Joplin. I listened to them and sang long when I was little.

Your favourite artist? Sergei Rachmaninov!

A book, a song and a film.
It’s difficult to just pick one! The master and Margarita by Bulgakov and The Idiot by Dostoyevsky both touched me a lot. Although, at the moment I’m reading the very instructive L’empire des croyances by Gérald Brooner and Human Kindness and the Smell of Warm Croissants: An Introduction to Ethics by Ruwen Ogien, a small and exquisite roundup of philosophy.

As for music, The ever evolving étude by Avishai Cohen, Caligula by Windows 96, Unbleached by TR/ST.

For cinema I would say 2001: A space odyssey , Eyes Wide Shut by Stanley Kubrick and Mulholland Drive by David Lynch.

And a series? Twin Peaks!

What are your wardrobe essentials? A shirt that I can unbutton and tie at the waist, high-waisted flared trousers, an oversize structured jacket, high, slightly thick heels.

Something never missing from your bag? My headphones and lipstick.

And in your fridge? Consume les and better quality.

An eco-tip for looking after the planet? Become a mother someday. I’m in no hurry at all, but that’s my greatest dream for tomorrow.

A dream to achieve. To perform a transcendental étude by Liszt!

What are you going to do when we finish this interview? Help my partner prepare a mineral exhibition with the precious crystals they found and then, we’ll go where the wind takes us.