For this SS20 collection, we wanted to collaborate with Lombia + Co for the creation of an incredibly special line of accessories. Jade, its founder, is a young entrepreneur that works in the Colombian Guajira giving a voice to a community of women and channeling their work through fair trade.

An initiative where tradition and design have been merged and which allows the sustainability and survival of this Wayuu community, contributing also to the survival of the ancestral craftsmanship that is inherited generation after generation.

It’s a women’s project that constitutes their main source of income and, at the same time, it allows them to empower themselves within their own community.

Behind every handwoven piece of this collaboration, there is a unique bag with a magical story.

The Wayuu people are an indigenous ethnic group from the Guajira peninsula, that extends between Colombia and Venezuela. There are different legends about the origin of the Wayuu fabric, but all of them coincide on the importance of this ancestral craftsmanship that is passed down from mothers to daughters from an early age.

The art of weaving images is known as Kaanás, and the compositions are a mixture of geometric repetitions which symbolize the native flora and fauna.

Thanks to this collaboration, we have drawn inspiration from the tribal culture to create ethnic prints, in rustic fabrics and a palette full of bright colors. Discover our SS20 Collection garments inspired by the Guajira Indigenous Heritage.