“With imagination, someone can easily create a whole world out of nothing”

It’s a Gustavo Adolfo Béquer quote and in truth, in these times of uncertainty and quarantine, it seems like a breath of fresh air.

One of the inspirations for our Spring Summer Collection is Polish Folk Art and what better way than imagining a trip to Poland thanks to tips sent from our Polish friends.

We’re going on holiday, are you coming?

A city. A lot, but if you have to choose...Warsaw, the capital. A city of architectural variety that reflects its history; from the gothic churches and neoclassical palaces to the soviet era blocks and modern skyscrapers. A curiosity. The old town in the city was rebuilt after the Second World War thanks to the original precision and faithfulness of the works of painter Canaletto. Kraków and Wroclaw are also beautiful and worth a visit. We want to get lost in the streets in our look. It’s perfect for going sightseeing!

A book. Guguly by Wioletta Grzegorzewska. It tells the story of Wiolka, a girl who lives in the small town of Hektary in Jura Krakowsko-Czestochowska. Her world is simple: go to school, look for beetles, play with her classmates, talk to her dad, watch the mysterious dressmaker and wait for the arrival of John Paul II. It is here she experiences love and death for the first time. The story is an excellent ballad of the Polish countryside during the Polish People’s Republic. We imagine Wiolka with this SS20 dress. And you? How do you imagine her?

A film. The hugely famous and award-winning The Pianist by Roman Polanski. And a more recent one, Corpus Christi by Jan Komasa, nominated for the Academy Award for Best International Feature Film in 2020. Based on a real story, the film questions power structures, societal rules and spirituality.

A flower. Without doubt the wild poppy, which floods the Polish countryside. And this print is a tribute to spring. Hello Spring!

A restaurant. Sukiennice Sukiennice in Krakow, where you can enjoy traditional Polish delicacies. There’s a scale by the entrance so you can weigh yourself before and after the delight!

A food. żurek biały. What is it? A soup usually served in a bread bowl which helps to warm you up in the winter cold.

A sweet. Makowiec. It’s a typical Christmas dessert, but you can have it at any special occasion. It’s a rolled and filled sponge cake, filled with poppy seeds, raisins, butter, candied orange peel, nuts, almonds...Why wait to try it in Poland if you could do it now?

A drink. There, you always toast with żubrówka. Which is...vodka!

A mountain. Trzy Korony (Three Crowns). It’s in the Pieniny National Park in the south of Poland, on the border with Slovakia. A large number of animal and plant species inhabit this natural space. There are also many rivers, streams and lagoons which will delight lovers of canoeing and rafting. The Dunajec river in particular, which marks the border with Slovakia, is famous for its picturesque gorges and canyons. Some forty kilometres of trails run through the Pieniny National Park. A perfect place for a picnic with friends and to show off our look. The panoramic views of the natural surroundings and neighbouring peaks are spectacular. It’s a peaceful place to enjoy nature.

A beach. Jastarina, without hesitation, we’re told! It’s a small port city on the Baltic Sea coast. It’s a tourist place where people go on holiday, to camp and do watersports, especially windsurfing. To get to the beaches you have to cross a forest of resinous pine trees on a dune belt of about 50m. We’re so looking forward to beach days and being able to show off our dress.

Because very soon the kisses, hugs and good moments will return! And of course, the joy of travel...Take very good care of yourselves, keep going and stay positive!