The land of sun and well-being

Ελλάδα. That's how Greece is described and understood in Greek. Greeks say that Greece is an idea. Not a country or a land. They say this idea is light and a feeling of well-being.

Greece is the land of the sun! They say its sunrises and sunsets are spectacular and help you reconnect with yourself; "they help you recharge and lift your spirits".

And of course, with all these pleasant sensations, let’s not forget well-being. And it's at that moment, when you feel good, that you can dedicate time to thinking. Maybe that's why Greece has been the birthplace for the greatest philosophers. Greeks love philosophy and to philosophise. In fact, for them, even a coffee is a social ritual that can end up in the most unexpected conversations.

As well as its charming inhabitants, another of this country's treasures is the range of blues, its wonderful cuisine and the contrast between the volcanic landscape and the Mediterranean architecture.

And do you know what Greece smells like? Orange blossom. You can smell it everywhere you go. Wonderful!

Our colleague Irati told us all this and much more after her trip to Greece, and today we wanted to share it again. Because every time we think about how this Mediterranean wonder has suffered with wildfires this summer, our hearts break and we want to make sure everybody knows about the country's charms.

We want to go right now! What about you?